What a Trooper!

Sometimes, the first time we meet an animal they are in crisis.  We root for every animal that comes through our shelter, but when there are injuries involved everybody’s heart becomes much more invested.  Thankfully, our community steps up EVERY TIME with donations to give the dog or cat the best possible shot at a normal outcome.

In this particular case, a tuxedo kitten, subsequently named Trooper, was found near Grants Pass High School with extensive injuries to his right hind leg.  In an attempt to save the leg, he was rushed to Southern Oregon Specialty Center in Medford for surgery, by two generous volunteers—Bill and Sue Bradley.

To keep the leg was going to require skill, hard work, and A LOT OF LUCK as the post-surgery prognosis was only guardedly optimistic.  In addition to a metal plate, he required a bone graft because marrow was missing from a portion of the bone.  Also, of concern was damage to tissue and a shortening of muscle in the leg.  Now, along with managing his pain the cat staff would be tasked with performing physical therapy on him three times a day.  To be so intimately connected to an animal’s recovery creates a special bond and, sometimes, great expectations.

Even when the odds are stacked against success it is still a shock when everyone’s best efforts are repaid with disappointment.  Two months after his surgery the metal plate failed and his femur fractured again in the same spot.  Instead of trying the surgery again the decision was made, with a heavy heart, to amputate Trooper’s leg.

But, challenged again by adversity, Trooper was resilient.  With great human support, he made the adjustment in virtually no time at all and acted like having three legs was not a disadvantage at all.  For the first time we got to enjoy his carefree attitude without worrying excessively about his health.  Love was united with joy as we were able to watch him be a cat with all of the curiosity, whims, and agility nature gives to felines.

It took a couple of months to find his forever family, but that gave us a chance to, finally, just ENJOY him.  We had all been through a lot together.  When his family did find him it was a true HAPPY TAIL because now he had two children who would have to try to keep up with him!

Celebrating Mother’s at the Bear Hotel!

Thank you to all who attended our first Mother’s Day Tea at the Bear Hotel! What a wonderful way to honor our Mothers. Your support will help feed, house and provide medical care for pets at the Rogue Valley Humane society.

Thank you!

Our volunteers did a fantastic job in coordinating and hosting this special day! We couldn’t have done it without YOU!

Thank you to our Pawsome Volunteer Crew!! 

Bowling for Bowzer!


Thank you to all who participated in our Bowling for Bowzer event! What a great time, fantastic folks for a wonderful cause!!

A Special Thanks for Joining our Sponsorship Team!

lifesaver1Each year we ask the public to consider sponsoring a Dog kennel or Cat Condo to help support the animals in our care. The funding goes directly to the care of all pets in our facility!

We are happy to announce we have 2 more individuals to add to our sponsorship list and are grateful for their generosity!  

Thank you!! 

  Elenora Akin      

Don Huntley

Joshua Wicks – In loving memory of Gerrie Lee Wicks

Elizabeth Trevett – In memory of Kenwood R. Trevett

Lynn and Stephen Hubbard

Betty Ann Grodhaus

Pam and Brian Clark 

Pennies For Pets!

Calling all elementary school students!


The Rogue Valley Humane Society is hosting a fundraising event called Pennies for Pets!

We are partnering with Club Northwest’s Kid Zone and the Spa at Club Northwest!

We are asking all students to join us in our mission to save abandoned, neglected and abused animals in our community. It’s as easy as collecting pennies from around the home, asking friends and family to do the same or create your own fundraiser, you decide! Each student will pool together their collection and present it to The Rogue Valley Humane Society. The winning classroom that raises the most pennies, will enjoy a fun filled party at the Kid Zone for the entire class, plus your teacher will be the winner of a relaxing 90-minute massage! You have until the end of January, so let’s start collecting!!

The money your class raises will benefit our four legged friends at RVHS. Together we can help our community four paws at a time!

You can make a difference!

Winners will be announced February 1st 2017

Sponsored by:



Saturday October 1st at 1:00 pm at Rogue Valley Humane Society.

429 NW Scenic Drive Grants Pass, Oregon

 Join us in the Blessing and appreciation of our beloved pets. Bring your well socialized pet(s) or a photo or stuffed animal as a representatives of your cherished animal companion, to be blessed by Father William Holtzinger. Please dress weather appropriate since the Blessing will be held outdoors. We would like to keep your pet(s) safe so please have your dog leashed, cats, birds and other small animals in appropriate size pet carrier.

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

St Francis of Assisi

Blues, Brews and BBQ

Our second annual BBB event went without a hitch! Thank you to all who participated and for helping us continue our mission of helping the animals in our community, four paws at a time!

Fur Ball was a great success!

furball 2016 final kellee

Our 7th annual Fur Ball event was a great success and we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all who made it possible! Thank you to our sponsors, to the individuals and businesses who donated to our cause. To all the volunteers who gave of their time and helped with organizing the event. It was an amazing night of giving and we are extremely grateful for everyone who participated in our mission.

A special thanks to our sponsors for joining us in our mission…..

Big Dog Sponsorship

♥ Deborah O’Donnell ♥

♥ Wayne Blunk ♥

Purrfect Partner Sponsorhip

♥ Kris Cox ♥

♥ Animal Angel Team ♥

♥ Rich and Jeannie Steed ♥

♥ Kim Spann of WingSpann Farms ♥

“Helping our Community, Four Paws at a Time”