The Tail of Everydog

 If there is such a thing as an “Everyman” someone whose journey is representative of life’s everyday ups and downs then Fisher, unfortunately, could justly be described as an “Everydog.”  Adopted as a puppy from another shelter his new family posted Fisher on Craigslist a year later to find him a new home.  He had grown up and gotten big and his family “no longer had time for him.”  I printed out his Craigslist post but when we inquired about him he had already been re-homed.  However, a couple of days later his new owner contacted us for help because Fisher was not cat-friendly.

Because no one had ever worked seriously with Fisher he was a lanky and boisterous handful.  Also, as a shepherd blend he did not want to miss out on any action.  And, if there was a hint of excitement in the kennel, he would immediately lose all interest in potential adopters, making it much harder to find him a home.

Thankfully, an experienced dog owner was not dissuaded by his excitement, saw his potential, and adopted him.  And for more than a year, Fisher had guidance, learned things and matured into a more mentally balanced dog.

Unfortunately, Fisher was still riding life’s rollercoaster.  His owner injured his back, required surgery and would no longer be able to give Fisher what he needed.  Like a boomerang, Fisher came back to us.

Now, possessing many desirable qualities and being the picture of serenity in the kennel, we expected that he would be snapped up in a heartbeat.  But it did not happen.  For some reason, whether it was his size or incompatibility with cats, he languished with no prospects.

His luck changed when Glenda, a new volunteer, became smitten with him.  She focused on his needs like a laser beam and even began to take him home overnight so that he could enjoy some quiet, family time away from the energy of the kennel.  Even while he was relaxing at her home it turns out he was working on his future prospects.  Glenda and her husband were still grieving the loss of their last dog and were not sure they were ready to give their hearts over completely to another.  But, Fisher, turned out to be a natural fit and worked his way into both of their hearts.  It became harder and harder for them to bring him back to the shelter after his overnight stays.  He had earned his forever home and he was adopted!

Sadly, not “Everydog” is so lucky.  People give up on dogs just like Fisher all the time.   Fate smiled on him, though.  He had been through enough.