Adoption Information

Why Adopt a Pet From RVHS?

Thank you for choosing to adopt your new best friend!

We’re happy that you’re thinking about adopting a new family member! Whether you’re looking for a cuddle-up cat or a laid-back adult dog, a playful kitten or a let’s-learn-together puppy, you can be sure that we have taken good care of the physical and emotional health of any pet you chose.

Each animal is given a medical and a temperament evaluation. Cats are tested for feline leukemia and every animal is heartworm tested. All age-appropriate vaccinations are given, and heartworm preventative started. Every animal is spayed or neutered before adoption. What you don’t get when you adopt from RVHS are fleas, kennel cough, worms, ear mites or a surprise litter of little ones. What you do get is a healthy, priceless pet. If we know that a pet has a health issue, we will tell you. For instance, a dog might have a wheat allergy and need wheat-free food for life.

We make every effort to ensure that animals are placed in loving, permanent homes – your patience and understanding during the adoption process are appreciated. We work hard to match people with the right pets, so please utilize our staff’s expertise and knowledge. They spend every day with our adoptable pets and are able to answer your questions and help point you toward pets that will suit you. Our adoption applications are not based on a first come, first serve basis. We base our adoptions on the needs of the pet and family, so until the right match has been found, we continue to accept applications. 

If interested in adopting a pet please fill out our applications and submit them to the RVHS w


Falling in love with a pet is easy to do and having their companionship can be very rewarding. Adopting a pet, however, is a big decision requiring a lot of time, money and commitment. RVHS encourages you to think through your decision before you adopt a companion animal. If you want to adopt a dog and you rent a home, you will need a statement from the owner that a pet is allowed.

Most of all, we want every pet that comes through our doors to find their lifetime home. This is what they need and deserve.

For up-to-date information on available pets, please call us Monday through Saturday from 12pm to 4pm at  541 479-5154.

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How to Adopt Your New Pet

Before You Visit:
Please check to see if your home is pet-friendly. If you rent, we need a note from your landlord saying that a pet is allowed.

Please Bring

  • A photo ID
  • Any household members who should meet the pet (children, roommates, etc), and
  • Call ahead if you would like to bring your current family dog for an introduction

For dog adoptions, once your application for adoption is approved, the RVHS Dog Coordinator will schedule a home visit.

For cat adoptions, please bring a cat carrier.

Adoption Fees

  • Dogs: $165 and up.   Puppies: $215 and up.
  • Cats: $75 and up.   Kittens: $95.00 and up.

What do you get when you adopt a Dog or Cat from Rogue Valley Humane Society:

  • Examination by our Veterinarian (Pre-adoption)
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Dewormed for intestinal parasites
  • Heartworm tested (dogs)
  • Started on Heartworm Prevention
  • Started flea prevention
  • All cats and kittens tested for FIV/FelV.
  • Pet food for one week
  • Coupon for free bag of food from Mini Pet Mart
  • Free examination at participating local Veterinary Hospitals (Post-adoption)

RVHS now offers pet ID tags for $5 each.

We accept exact cash, credit cards and personal check. Payment is required at the time of pick-up. Please consider your choice of pet carefully – RVHS does not issue refunds on adoption fees and does not exchange pets.