Barn Buddies Program

The Rogue Valley Humane Society’s Barn Buddies program is not for your average house cat! We match our most aloof, adventurous felines with caring homes that can provide a safe and stimulating environment for them to enjoy.

What is a Barn Buddy?

Barn Buddies are cats that are independent, self-sufficient loners. They’re also known as “mousers” and “rodent managers.” They typically prefer to live outdoors, seeking accommodation in a barn or shed with a steady supply of food and water. Some Barn Buddies, with patience and kindness, will learn to trust over time and become affectionate and loving companions.

How can I adopt a Barn Buddy?

From time to time, we work to spay and neuter colonies of feral and semi-feral cats in our community, some of which we cannot return back to their original location. When this happens, we look to our Barn Buddy waiting list to see if we have any matches! Send us an email to Let us know what you’re looking for: age, sex, amount of barn cats, and any other characteristics you are wanting. Hopefully, we will have a cat (or two!) available in a reasonable time frame that will fit your needs.