Helping Out Pets Everyday, the Rogue Valley Humane Society Way


Adoptions, placing healthy pets in happy homes, this is the heart of the RVHS Mission.  In 2019 we placed 711 dogs and cats into their forever homes.

RVHS reunited 70 dogs and cats with their families in 2019.

To help end pet overpopulation and stop the problem of homeless animals, we began our community spay-neuter assistance programs in 2010.  Through the end of 2019, over 5465 dogs and cats – pets of Josephine County residents, have been altered through our voucher programs. We also spay and neuter all pets in our care prior to adoption. In 2019 RVHS Spay Neuter Clinic altered 491 pets pre-adoption. Additionally, we expanded our spay and neuters surgeries to include local rescue groups, this year we preformed 487 surgeries for our local groups! Our surgery clinic had an increase in our spay and neuters by almost 50%!!

We believe that no pet should go hungry. Our food pantry and Ani-meals programs are here to help a family over a rough spot, to make sure that a pet’s food bowl doesn’t stay empty. Our food pantry distributed more than 2 tons of food for cats and dogs in 2019, feeding an average of 440 pets per month. Rogue Valley Humane Society’s Ani-Meals program assisted and delivered pet food to approximately 28 home bond individuals each month in 2019. Food donations from the community are always welcome.

Our shelter and Thrift Store volunteers are on the job, every day, working alongside our staff.  300 committed volunteers contributed over 4565 hours in 2019!

The RVHS Senior Outreach & Visitation program performs wellness-checks to help our older community members keep and take care of their beloved pets.

Kids naturally love animals and we give them new insights and skills through our summer Critter Camp and humane education programs.

Our volunteers are on hand at the Grants Pass Growers’ Market from March through November.  The booth features photos of our available pets, information about RVHS and always, good conversation about our four-legged companions.

          Whenever and wherever there’s a community pet in need, there’s H.O.P.E. at RVHS