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  • Taste of the Wild Adult Dog (Pacific Stream Flavor)
  • Taste of the Wild Puppy (Pacific Stream Flavor)
  • Taste of the Wild Feline (Rocky Mountain Flavor)
  • Fancy Feast Adult and Kitten Canned Food (Pate and poultry flavors preferred)
  • Friskies Canned Food (Pate preferred)
  • Royal Canin Kitten Dry
  • Royal Canin Kitten (Pate/Loaf in sauce only)
  • Powdered KMR Kitten formula and Esbilac Puppy formula

Everyday supplies:

  • Dawn liquid soap
  • Hand soap
  • 13 gallon trash bags
  • 33 gallon trash bags
  • 1 gallon Ziploc bags
  • Quart Ziploc bags
  • Snack size Ziploc bags
  • Disposable gloves
  • Paper Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • HE Laundry Soap
  • Fabric softener sheets
  • Non-clumping, unscented clay cat litter
  • Baking soda
  • Postage stamps
  • Post-It notes
  • Black/blue pens
  • Copy paper
  • HP 414x Toner in Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black
  • HP 962 XL Black Ink and HP 962 Color Ink

Other things for our furry friends:

  • Pedialyte (unflavored only)
  • Fortiflora or Advita probiotics (canine and feline)
  • Miracle Nipples (for bottle feeding kittens)
  • Heartgard or other heartworm prevention for dogs
  • Frontline, Revolution, or other flea prevention for dogs and cats
  • Laxatone or other hairball remedy for cats
  • Calming pheromones: Feliway (cats) or Adaptil (dogs)
  • Dog toys: Kong Wobbler, Jolly Eggs, Nylabones (medium/large size preferred)
  • Dog gear: Front clip or easy walk harnesses (medium/large size preferred), pet waste pick up bag
  • Cat toys: Toy mice, wand toys
  • Gift cards (Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Mini Pet Mart, Home Depot, Diamond, Lowe’s)

You can help us devote more resources to the care of the animals by donating any of these items.

Did you know that RVHS runs a donated pet food bank to help in emergencies when low-income families can’t make ends meet? Food donations are always welcome!