Rogue Valley Humane Society Wish List

RVHS Nutritional Amazon Wish List!

RVHS Neonate Foster Amazon Wish List!

RVHS Spay and Neuter Clinic Amazon Wish List!

RVHS Cleaning Supplies Amazon Wish List!

RVHS Enrichment Toys Amazon Wish List! Wish List

  • Fancy Feast Adult Canned Foods
  • Fancy Feast Kitten Pate (Turkey or Chicken flavor only)
  • Friskies Canned Turkey and Giblets or Ocean Whitefish Cat Food (Pate’)
  • Taste of the Wild Dog Food (Pacific Stream adult formula)
  • Taste of the Wild Puppy Food (Pacific Stream puppy formula)
  • Taste of the Wild Cat Food (Rocky Mountain Formula)
  • Royal Canin Kitten Loaf in Sauce wet food and Royal Canin Kitten Dry Food
  • Pedigree Canned Dog Food
  • KMR Liquid Kitten Milk
  • Esbilac Milk for Puppies
  • Miracle Nipples
  • Advantix Or Frontline Flea Medications
  • Fortiflora and Advita Probiotics (feline and canine)
  • 13 Gallon Trash Bags
  • 33 Gallon Trash Bags
  • Gift Cards
  • Pea Gravel for dog runs
  • Clorox Concentrated Bleach (must be concentrated)
  • Paper Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • HE Laundry Soap
  • Postage Stamps
  • Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Baking Soda
  • Non Clumping Clay Cat Litter
  • Dog and Cat Toys
  • Temptations Feline Treats

You can help us devote more resources to the care of the animals by donating any of these items.

Did you know that RVHS runs a donated pet food bank to help in emergencies when low-income families can’t make ends meet? Food donations are always welcome!


Rogue Valley Humane Society (RVHS) is a Guidestar Exchange Platinum Participant